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Saturday, 2 April 2016

A for Anshul

Hello All,

So this if my first blog post ever, and thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself via this. A big thanks to my friend Tanvi Karnik for sharing and getting me on this, and the creators of this concept of blogging challenge for a month.

I like to believe that I am mostly a regular guy, working in IT, going through the regular drills like everyone, a designed pattern set for majority of us by our society or family. Trying to fulfill the expectations required of a mid 20s guy, partially doing his duty all throughout. I say partially since I do not believe I have done any of it to my fullest potential, something which my family and friends say I have in abundance.

Due to this, I have thus decided to go on a journey, on a path of self exploration, to test my limits, to fulfill new goals, and see for my own self, how much is this potential that I have?

I have had a long dream of pursuing an MBA one day, and thus set about my preparation for GMAT late last year. I managed to score 700, which is good, but somewhere, I'm itching to do more. I know I can score more. After toiling for the major part of last year for this, I know can give it more, and in turn get a better score! My family, friends, counselors are happy with this score, and so am I, but I feel I have more in me, and I want to push myself further now.

Last year had been good for me personally, as I had taken a break from work, and pursued various things which interested me. One could call it personality development, however I did those things because I felt I would enjoy them. Learnt golf and swimming, that is coming from an aqua phobic! (My friends always enjoyed drowning me on the pretext of teaching me swimming on top of that:D)
I plan on learning tennis as well in this year, as another goal I have set for myself, while continuing to perfect golf and swimming.
The regular charity works have been going on, and I even ended up tutoring two friends for GMAT!

I always wanted to write blogs, since I have such a plethora of thoughts, from topics that could be the most random. I enjoy having deep thoughtful conversations with certain few friends, and that remains few since its tough finding such like minded people who enjoy certain things in today's world. I have thus decided to take up this challenge. The timing is not that great since I'm going to be starting a new job soon, along with the other above mentioned things continuing. I also went for a marathon and intend on continuing to improve on my lost fitness. With so many goals set to accomplish, it probably seems tough to write a blog daily, but hey, it wouldn't be a challenge otherwise right?

Lets pray I accomplish all my targets and get new challenges too (else life would be too dull). Hope you all are doing well. Do get in touch with me if you wish to empower the needy in our society, want any general life advice or specific GMAT related, or just random conversations.

Signing Out


  1. Welcome to A to Z, Anshul. Best wishes for all your plans.

    Susan Says

  2. The whole "not having enough time" thing has been a challenge for me as well. I recently discovered the concept of the 8 Minute Writing Habit, and it's helping. The core idea is, "Hey, who doesn't have 8 minutes to write?" Maybe give it a try. Sure, you might not finish a whole blog post in that time, but maybe three 8 minute sessions a day could get you there.

    1. Sounds interesting, would like to learn more about it and try it out. Thanks Jeremy!

  3. Welcome to the A-Z challenge! Daily blogging could end up leading to some pretty fulfilling random conversations with people you have nothing in common with. :) I look forward to reading more of what you have to say...

    1. Thank you! I agree, and hope to have many more interesting conversations. See you around :)

  4. Welcome to the blogging world. Sometimes we feel like we are talking to ourselves, but your never know who is going to drop in. I've been blogging for 9 years now and one thing you will discover is your writing will evolve with you. As you work through your mba, working out things on the page, whether it is here on your blog or in a journal, it will stimulate your creativity as well. Good for you for learning new things. It is what makes life interesting. Best wishes with your studies,