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Saturday, 9 April 2016


Humans are creatures of habit. We are habitual of doing only certain things, and would tend to give new things a thought before trying. Also, there is a way we go about doing things, which we like to do only in a certain way. If not done in our usual way, we tend to become rather upset about it being done differently. Maybe it is the controlling nature in all of us?

Habits maketh the man.. And thus, it is quite necessary for us to develop good habits, as they would go a long way in making who we are. The process can be quite subtle, without realizing about things happening specifically because of a certain habit. May that be getting up early in the morning, or exercising, to something like smoking or drinking. Whatever new change we try to do, our body has a mechanism of trying to repel it, of fighting against it. That is why it takes so much of determination to hit the gym daily or for a chain smoker to quit smoking.

Developing a positive attitude, a habit of focusing on our habits, and looking to grow are certain small things which can help us grow. It would be tough initially I;m sure, and would take a lot of painstaking effort, with not many results to show in the beginning, but hey that is what will be with you for the rest of your life. That experience, with which you can play around, and find the best fit for you so as to succeed.

Hope this helps you all in any way, by trying to put the focus back on our habits in leading a healthier and fulfilled life :)

Signing out,
See you.

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