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Thursday, 7 April 2016


Don't we all have those friends who are just not all that close to us anymore as they used to be at one point of time? For some relations may have soured, while I believe for the majority of the rest, for no apparent single reason, some friends just grew apart. Maybe because either one or both of them did not have time, got busy, lives drifted apart, new friends became closer and not much common things to share anymore with the older ones.

I was thinking before writing this, that wouldn't it be nice if we could share the same level of rapport as we used to enjoy during the peak days with different close friends! Life would certainly seem fuller and more joyous for sure. But how to go about achieving that?

First an idea came to head - Why not call one old close friend a day! That sounds fun, but would my friends have that much time? More importantly, would I have that much time?!
Thus, better sense prevailed, and thought why not call up 1 friend 1 week at a time. Surely we can take out 1 day out of 7 days. It seems possible, but don't know how much of that would really happen. I know I must be sounding like a pessimist, I feel like one while typing it itself, but I'm just trying to be realistic. I know I am going to have a very busy schedule ahead for me very soon. I hope though I can keep up, and if not, I hope you all would pitch in!

Stay in touch, stay connected :)
1 call a week

Adios amigos