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Thursday, 28 April 2016

World of Wine

Oenophile - A connoisseur of wines. Greek for the love (philia) of wines (oinos).
Connoisseur - An expert judge in matters of taste.

I like wine, so why not become a 'connoisseur' of wines. It just sounds so cool and sophisticated. But those charms apart, it is always good to have that extra knowledge, and if of something you love then all the more better. While I do enjoy wines, I have not had those many (thanks to salary and to-not-to-be-a-drunk) constraints. I have the basic knowledge, can tell the types of wines, way to hold, aroma, flavors etc, but not the unique food pairings or origins just by blind tasting.

I found a course to obtain a certification of being a wine connoisseur in India. Would be tough to take out the time for it though with so much on my plate. Having company however always helps, so do buzz me if any of you friends would like to go for one :) I shall share the details then.
The world of wines is indeed truly big, and I do not believe it may be possible to know them all, but the journey to know the majority of them would be fun, and in the end becoming an expert ;)


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