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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Vivid Dreams

A lot of us have had vivid dreams in the past, which seem all too real, and we wake up wondering whether this all happened in my dream or in reality, and some even fancy a past life experience! (I used to contemplate on this a lot as a kid.) The idea of having images/memories from a past life seems really exciting. I for one have had dreams which I believe to be telling of how I may die, how I might have probably died in a past life, or of an activity that I should absolutely avoid.

And that activity is cave exploration, during which I get trapped, and die! One heck of a dream to have right?! Seen the creepy semi horror movie ‘The Descent’? 

Imagine getting trapped in a cave, minus the movie’s fictional creepers. That would indeed be one horrible way to die. Thus, I decided pretty early in my life – No spelunking (caving) for me! There could be equally or maybe worse ways to die, have you had any such weird dreams?


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