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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Quality > Quantity

With the severe pressure that most of us face these days, it is extremely tough to simply believe in quality more than the quantity. I feel the fault may lie somewhere with our education system, because of which each and every student, along with the parents, relatives, coaches, etc end up just flushing so much down a student's throat, that we start believing and accepting that quantity is necessary. In fact more like a necessity. Our typical exams also don't force us to think by testing such an aspect, instead the exams test us just how much can we memorize.

Well this all changes in the GMAT. Thus it could come as a shock to many aspiring to score well in the GMAT, as this is a test that actually pressurizes you, testing your ability to think and solve, using logic under extreme time pressure, while getting mentally fatigued. While many are able to ace the exam, there are many more who are not able to, and further many more who just give up on this dream mid way. There are some who are able to ace the exam quickly and on their own, but with a test like the GMAT, with so much of quality being put into each question, it would always be wise to get reliable guidance.

I was fortunate enough to have a dream mentor for me - viz. Rohit Ghosh sir. In my entire life, majority studying, I haven't seen any other teacher who is that dedicated to his work. He is the type of teacher who you would actually call a teacher, or a guru. The man is unbelievably focused, helpful and would add miles to your preparation. He would push and motivate you. If you are slacking, you would end up thinking that my teacher is putting in more effort than me, when it is me who wants to do an MBA while he has a secured job. That is passion, and he teaches that to you first hand. Most of you who know me, would know that I don't just praise anyone that easily, that too this much, so you can think what sort of a guide he must be. He taught us all this great value - that Quality is greater than quantity, something which most of us all very easily forget, specially when in the grind under stress.

By my experience, if you have the determination, and put in the hard work (and some brains too - which all of you have by the way, just got to use it), there is nothing stopping you from succeeding. Having a great mentor is just the necessary icing on the cake ;)

Hope this helps you all who are looking to rock this test by providing that added motivation for success. And the beauty of this mantra - it is applicable almost everywhere. Just be calm, and be the quality you want to be!


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