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Monday, 18 April 2016


That's a word a lot of us must have been associated with in our childhood. I for sure was regarded as one in more than countable occasions! Some of us even now at times (like me). But why do we tend to get over-smart? Well I have the answer right here for you.

I collaborated with a team of neuroscientists (just for you all), analyzed the brain of various chimps put under different scenarios. their signals being sent off in a tizzy and their impact. Now there was one strikingly similar characteristic among all of our specimens whenever they seemed to getting over-smart, and that was being kewl (cool)! You get my point, there are so many times that there is a need for us to just do something in an uber cool way; being super smart, and incorrectly so - turning out to be a giant over-smart.

However that was not the only trait we found common among our lab pets. Whenever put under stress, like a male chimp in front of a female chimp (we gave the poor male a 'like the female' serum while also giving the female a 'get attracted to me - I am hot ' pheromone), we noticed that the poor male more often than not, ended up being an over-smart. The results leapfrogged by another 70% when there were 2 or more male chimps put together with the lone female chimp. It was as if all of them started to have an over-smartness competition, with no clear winner that too!

Now I could relate to why we end up becoming over-smarts so many times - Ancestors!! Yes, its our primal ancestors who are to blame! No wonder we end up making a fool out of our own selves whenever we like and want to impress a girl, or showoff to people around us. Such is our plight. In spite of having the knowledge of being calm, in the attempt to being so, we most often end up doing the opposite, going overboard and out smarting our own self (not in the good sense).

said my brain to no avail.

Ah well, I guess there is no riddance from this. Its in our genes!! Thus, best bear with it.
PS: Ladies-

Don't you guys agree with me on this? ;)



  1. Interesting how animal behavior can remind us of ourselves.

  2. Deep! New follower from the A-Z blog challenge