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Saturday, 16 April 2016


Be Positive! Not the blood type, but the attitude any and everyone will ask you to have. Having that blood type though does help in having a positive outlook (Okay I'm just kidding..) So it is a good suggestion, and a necessary thing in most people's cases. Being positive can have tremendous effects, just if you do actually become positive, instead of having a pseudo positive attitude, which generally happens when an individual is more focused on being positive through a turmoil rather than actually focusing on the task at hand. Concentrating on the solution of the problem results in you being labelled positive, instead of concentrating on being positive so as to be 'positive'!

Now for the vast majority of the people, who are unable to remain "positive" through tough scenarios - I have a golden solution for you. What if I told you, negativity is good? Surprised? Well don't be. Negativity can be good if used in the correct way. Let me try and explain that "correct way" with an easy example:

Scenario 1:
Person A has to go out. Gets dressed up, sees herself in the mirror, but doesn't like the outfit. Thus she decides to change into something else, checks herself in the mirror, likes this better, and steps out of the house.

Scenario 2:
Person B has to go out. Gets dressed up, sees herself in the mirror, but doesn't like the outfit. On top of it, she also thinks that there will be no point in changing into something else, as she is having a bad day, and just can't make it. Calls up the people she was going to meet, makes an excuse and cancels her plans.

So if you caught my drift, it is Person B who is being negative, the bad kind. Planning and getting ready, that is the first step, which we all do (Work begun is work half done - I wish that was the case always!) Checking yourself in the mirror, is the review part. Always necessary before being presented to the rest of the world. This self review and checking, this is the point, where you need to be strong. I'm not telling you to be positive, and not worry however you find yourself in the mirror (saying I'm the best in my own way) and step out. Instead, be negative, be critical at that moment of time (which we inherently are and it's not a bad thing). Judge it from a third person's view if necessary. Use that critical negativity, use it to fuel you if that drives you (without getting consumed by it), and change, adapt, rework, try and try until you are happy with the end result. That is success. That was Person A finally stepping out after liking her changed attire.

You cannot be a blind optimist. Like they say, there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity (the blind optimist.) There is no happiness if there is no sadness. There is no fun if there is no boredom. And in the same way, there is no positivity without negativity. It needs to be a mix of both.

A problem is perceived as the negative entity. The next time you have a problem, get happy, because now you can use that negative entity, focus on its solution and thus in the end become happy upon conquering it. If there were no problems, no solutions would exist. Thus, even no work! The word unemployed wouldn't exist as there would not be any employment either (no problem thus no need to delegate work.) The world as we know it, would not be the same, in fact drastically different, if there were no problems, if there was no sadness, if there was no negativity.


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