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Monday, 11 April 2016


We live in a world where we constantly need to impress. May it be to impress your boss, teacher, interviewer, prospective client, your own self or even acquaintances! Its not just about impressing your +1 who you may be courting, though that is no easy task either ;)

But what if we lived in a simpler world, a world where we don't have the need to be impressing anyone! It would be so very different then. Gone would be the witty comments, the constant need to share on social media of all your 'cool' things, of showing only your best side to the world. One could be absolutely free, their own simple selves without being judged. Though, would that be nice? I mean I wouldn't want people being rude to me! Also who doesn't like being impressed? I for one look forward to it and enjoy people trying to get on my good side. While many don't do so, some of them do, and they are evidently fake sadly. I would prefer if friends/acquaintances were the real self, not the pseudo profiles in front of me, while leaving the impressing part to advertisers and other professionals in need of me or others as a market.

Thus, in my opinions, a middle path if chosen, would make the world a much simpler and happier place. Facebook, Instagram and the likes' popularity would surely go down a couple of notches. LinkedIn and Glassdoor would continue to remain the same. There would be lesser broken relationships, as a person would know who it is that they are really getting into the relationship with. The feeling of emptiness that we get at times would disappear, as we would have more and more like minded people as good friends around us. We would know who a person really is, without leaving it to an ambiguous judgement. Decisions can be then made more easily in life. As I'm writing this, the idea of not having to impress is growing on me all the more! Is it happening to you too?

However, all said and done, such a thing would simply never happen. A reality like that could only be existent in some alternate parallel universe, if you believe in such things. There are so many ideas by which we feel the world could be a better place. Well, if we all did our own little bit in our own small ways, may be it would be :)


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