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Friday, 8 April 2016


"Does God exist?" - is one of my favorite debating topics with friends :) Some of them even get hyped up through the conversation! Also, if God exists, then in what type or form? What is God? Which specie? A super human being, ancient alien, human from the future (unlikely)?

Then there are religions, so many of them, with no concrete proof, and very contradictory to each other, yet each having its devout followers. I do not mean to hurt anyone's sentiments and don't mean to force my ideologies on anyone, but just simply do not believe in religion. There are various reasons on how I came about to not believing in religion, but that would get extremely lengthy, so let me save it for the "R" post :)

So, does God exist, and what does he/she want from us? Are we expected to do anything, or God just simply observes? What if there is no God, and that God is basically just an idea, an idea put forth by our ancestors, for us to follow!

Assume a scenario, you are in a world, a populous world, without any wide means of communication (pre-tech world). You and a group of like minded wise individuals, meet up and are discussing the current affairs (you are in ancient times by the way). You are a group of people with power, and see around you a lot of individuals who are helpless, a lot who are just plain bullies, rampant murder and deceit going on for the pettiest of things, with no one or not possible enough police to control almost anything presumably wrong. What would you do? How would you control the people around you without much real power? How would you help mankind?
Solution: Create an imaginary figure, a powerful figure, with infinite reach and power, who checks us and decides our fate after we die (thus idea of after life, heaven and hell.) Make this a movement, with a good believable story behind it, and suddenly there will be this almighty figure, who people will fear, and thus not commit crimes anymore - Welcome God.
You also have a fair idea of best practices, on how people should ideally lead their lives for total betterment, and how to continue to maintain this faith across generations - Welcome religion.

The above mentioned, however, is just an idea that had come into my wandering head years back. I for one, do believe in God. I believe there is some higher power, some super being up there, gently controlling our lives in ways we cannot understand right now.

Once again, my intention has not been to hurt anyone's feelings or sentiments. My sincerest apologies if I have done so.
Do let me know what you think of this, do you agree or you don't.

Have a good weekend,
May the force be with you!

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