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Monday, 4 April 2016

Cosmic Beauty

I love stargazing, and living in a city polluted and bright enough to disrupt your view of the stars can be annoying at times. Although I do not know which constellation is where and which star is which, I simply enjoy staring up at them, whenever I get to see them, which is mostly in remote vacation spots!
Why I enjoy it so much is because of its sheer magnitude and beauty. There could be someone who just likes the plain view of it, or someone who could be the least interested in it, however no one can deny its beauty for its power to deflate someone's ego. I wish people had this realization, of the amazing vastness of our cosmos, and thus, just how insignificant we may be in it. In the larger scheme of things, our decisions, our life and maybe our entire human race may not hold any much of significance! Who knows what is all out there and where do we fit in it? We sure do know we are in a far corner of our very own galaxy, and not the center of attention!

So, these thoughts get me to two points:

1. Why have such a massive ego?
            There will be many instances in life, when we realize, in the heat of the moment, that whatever I am doing now, or about to do, is solely and purely because of my ego. I wish it did not have to come to that, but I just cannot take it beyond this point, and to hell with things!

Well, if you are someone like me, whose rational side of the brain makes you realize during the thick of things that maybe your ego is taking over you, I suggest you take the same rational part of the brain to the cosmos. Admire the universe's beauty, its veritable vastness, mankind's place in it, your place in it, and finally, this moment's place in it!
I'm sure, in those two minutes, with such thoughts, things will ease up. Not only that, if practiced over time, it will also help reduce your overall ego (I used to have a massive ego at a younger age, which has now subsided) :)

2. Take a step back, chill and relax.
            I know that almost all of us have a lot of tensions in life. May that be due to work, your partner, financials, friends or family, health, studies etc. I remember that way back in 2nd standard, I had not finished my homework due the next day, and I was under immense stress then wondering what to do. I think of it now and chuckle. Similarly there have been other instances in life, which at that very moment, put us under a lot of pressure, and it starts to become very difficult to cope with with time.
Thus, for your health and happiness, take a step back, chill and relax. Think, what would be the impact of the task at hand in 1 year's time. Think, what would be the impact of this 5 years down the line, then 10 years down? And finally, on my entire life.
If your answer in something not so scary for those questions, then simply relax, plan and get on with your stressful item, and finish it to the best limits that you can, without now having to worry too much about it. However, if your answer was that it will have a big impact on your life, then hey whats there to worry, stop wasting time worrying and get on with it! Finish the task and realize, one day you will look back at this moment, remember your feelings, and smile :)

Hope you all enjoyed this and it helps you in some way.
As always, do share your stories and opinions.

Smile Away :)


  1. Stars take my breath away everyday, I mean night (:

    Under Jazminn Skyes

    1. You surely are lucky to have that everyday Jazminn :)

  2. Very true! Good highlights about how to deal with ego n stress in our lives

  3. Very true! Good highlights about how to deal with ego n stress in our lives