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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


My Precioussssss
Now if that reminds you of:
Yaay Master likeses us
that is Gollum/Smeagol instantly - then you are awesome.
If you took some time to remember that face, well then


But if you don't know this beloved character, then...


Then you really need to watch the Lord of the Rings. Like really, now! Go for it don't think too much about it, while many would have already started going for a re-run having being reminded of LoTR!
Let me tell you, author does not trickses us. It is a genuine advice, and you can come and thank me later (after several hours of watching.)

Are you convinced to go and watch it now? Gollem doesn't wants a no for an answers. Gollem wantss a yes!

We sees it!
Enjoy your time watching it (again for many!)
PS - Take several popcorn buckets, you'll need 'em.

Sweets dreams


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