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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Just Creepy

So I was talking over the phone late last night, standing in the balcony enjoying the pleasant breeze. Mid conversation, I noticed this house to my right, with an extremely creepy orange light on. Its the kind or orange bulb light which looks really depressing, and quite disturbing to be honest as to why someone would have that on. Its the type where you would I guess expect serial killers to live! Or maybe go about their twisted activities in there.

Now the thing is, I've never seen anyone living in that particular flat before. It could be maybe someone new just moved in, with an extremely weird depressed life, or...
The bad thing is that this flat is on my floor, the good thing is - I don't socialize with the neighbors here that much. Even if I did, I surely wouldn't go to meet that occupant! Would you?

There was a similar incident years back in college. I was telling a friend a ghost story over the phone, a freaky experience actually, and as soon as I took the ghost's name, the light bulb went off. Pretty much at the exact same instant. I shut up and decided it to be as "The one who shall not be named." I've had other similar experiences with the super
natural, and it has been a riveting experience more than being scary. However, spirits are one thing, humans living in homes lighted like that - that is just plain creepy.

Do you know people like that (I hope not), or have had experiences with the supernatural? I am a horror story addict so do share if you have! I forgot to take a snap of the place last night, and nobody seems home even now (or maybe the murder for the month has been done already). Nonetheless I'll keep an eye out so as to click a pic of the place for you guys (and hope he doesn't read this blog).

Thanks & Bye