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Friday, 15 April 2016


Well not literally me, but you. When you read this title "Me", don't simply continue to read further without a thought. Let that word echo inside of you.
We are all so worried about what others may think about us, but for a change, ask yourself, what do you think about your own self?

As each day passes along in our forever busy lives, we end up not having much free time left. May that be to do the things we love, follow hobbies, hit that elusive gym, play a sport, go on a date, meet your dear ones, or even self introspect. While a lot of our activities can be auto dictated by the demanding requirements, people or the society at large around us, it is important to take a little break, and think, where am I heading? Is this the path I wanted to be on? Is this a better path if it was not initially desired? How am I as a human being? What are the things missing?

Is it that dream job, or dream education, or the dream of starting up your own venture, or the dream of travelling the world? Notice - a lot of dreams.. It is good to have dreams, in fact it is necessary to have dreams. We all do have them! But the problem is, we end up going with the flow, so worried about others judging you and worrying about others worries, that we end up pushing our dreams to the back bench, where the dreams are hardly noticed, and if ever noticed once in a while, it is no more taken seriously, just like a back-bencher in class.

Thus, the caveat is we should not simply go with flow, we are not a herd, but instead take that 1 hour thought break someday (at least once a year), and ask yourself the questions - Who am I and what do I want?
What defines ME? 


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