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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Escape, Evolve

Have you ever had the feeling of escaping this planet? Going to outer space, getting to explore other planets, they are all such a dream for so many of us. I for one wanted to become an astronaut as kid to be able to do those things! :)

But ever wondered why is it that we have this feeling? Is it because we want to explore the unknown, while there are so many unknown places on our very own beautiful planet. I wish I could travel the globe, if not entirely then at least quite a bit. But do I have the money for it? NO. Do I have the time for it? No. Why? Well, in the 20s, a person is still trying to find his feet and settle into a job, earn, learn, earn big and save so as to be able to travel and explore the world, escape the hustle bustle of the daily life. However, by the time I do all of that, I'd end up getting married, probably have kids by then, and be able to chug in just few trips before added pressure to maintain the family. And it would then continue to be a cycle, the tuition fees of your children will just keep on increasing with time and you would have to make sacrifices and earn for your loved ones. It makes me think why is it so?

The rules and trends we follow, is made by our own ancestors, by mankind for mankind. Did they not want to enjoy life in the age they could? The age at which we can actually do things with the body permitting, we end up sitting in some cabin doing a desk job. By the time we can have enough money, maybe the body would not want to travel as much. Maybe the body will require you to use that money for its maintenance at the hospital, thanks to the sedentary life you led all the while working! It is like a vicious cycle. What if I say every young adult was to be given mandatory two years to travel and roam around the world. What if that was made to be a global law? But oh - we are not global! We say we are, we are indeed connected, but with borders. Humanity is such that there are unnecessary tensions, feuds and wars happening somewhere all the time on varied scales. Then there is discrimination of various kinds, all of which tend to put fear into the hearts and minds of potential travelers.

What if, mankind could evolve? What if there were no borders? What if we all could just live as one unique specie occupying this planet, live work and love in peace and harmony.. Wouldn't that be amazing?! The 2 years of mandatory global travel could also become a reality then. Everyone would trust each other, and people could have home stays, majority done mutually between scores of people. Also, by this, there would be just so many places to freely explore on this planet, that we may not have the time to think about escaping to outer space, trying to escape from the hassles on this planet. Just what if, humans could evolve to such a level..


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