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Saturday, 23 April 2016


First of all sorry for the delay in writing this post; had been travelling so could not write, and did not want to go down on the quality either. Secondly, the below mentioned are solely my beliefs, not meant to influence anyone in whatsoever way or cause any harm/hurt to them.
Coming to the topic, religion if discussed in depth, can be a very volatile topic because of its sensitive nature, and the ability to affect people’s sentiments. Thus it is very important to remember that this is solely my view. Now I do not believe in religion, well not that much fully at least due to various reasons. I do however do believe in God. I simply find it baffling that God came in someone’s dreams and preached the ways (or best practices in corporate world parallel) to a human being, who then in turn preached God’s words. I could be totally wrong in this opinion, and I guess I’ll know the whole truth post death after meeting God, or may be not, if that is all simply an illusion to make our selves better at peace with the world we live in, and our lives as such.
Think of it like this, that in today’s web world a man comes to you and tells you, that he met God in his dreams, who preached certain sermons to him, also detailing on the way of life to be followed, things to do and things not to do. Would you believe him, or you would think he is joking? Need not answer that, however, it does become pretty difficult for majority of us to try and break free from this, to break free from the ideologies being followed since generations, by people you look up to (like family) and the entire society at large. It becomes difficult to not follow the masses in this regard. One wouldn’t want to be labelled as a ‘radical’. It is just easier to fit in, without affecting people’s sentiments and prevalent ideologies. Why go through all that trouble? I for one am not up for that, I’m not in any position of power to be able to pull off anything close to a revolutionary thinking, and neither would suggest any of you to try the same. It is all fine, if just limited to a discussion and nothing more.

There are various religions, which say the exact opposite on several issues. How can such a scenario happen, specially if all are right? Is 1 religion right while rest wrong? Or are all religions correct in their own right? Do they all have their own true distinct Gods? Ancient aliens may be? Several of them preaching their own ideologies, may be testing us humans? *Feels bad to think of ourselves as test subjects!* Or, maybe we are all wrong? No such thing as religion exists? While there are several mythologies (always enjoyed playing those related games), we do not know for sure their origin. Their actual source cannot be defined or rather confirmed, even though a lot of them do mention their sources, just because they are so ancient. It all comes down to one’s belief at the end of the day, and that is extremely important in my opinion. Each individual, and extrapolating to entire world, pretty much revolves around hope. All of us continue with our daily lives, the way we do, because of hope. If there would be no hope, no hope of succeeding, no hope of a better life, no hope of a better pay, we would just quit. Things that we do which are not of leisure or the kind, are done in the hope of something, either for ourselves or our families, and thus it is extremely important to hold on to this hope, to hope to be a better human being at the end of the day, because you hope you would get heaven at the end of your life!

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