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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Subjects of Interest

                Continuing partly from the previous write up of Religion, an intriguing idea is that what if we are the subjects of interest to aliens or God. Could we be just mere test subjects, or maybe ‘a ray of hope’ being tested by other universal civilizations as so many movies show? We do always like to think that there is some significance to the things we do. Our lives, and we as a species do matter in some way or the other. In short – we are important.
However, what if that is not true! Dare I say, what if we are just mere mortals, living on the surface of this planet, just like any other species who we consider much less significant than us.  What if we are not all that important as we perceive ourselves to be. If we are just being watched by some superior beings, aliens or whoever, how would that make you feel?

If that would be the case though, would mean firstly we are far inferior to those beings, unimaginably inferior. Second, we are mere test subjects for them in a complex world of our own which could be pretty simplistic for them. Third, we exploring space could might as well be just a mere well fabricated deep illusion for us, to put us out of reach from them.

Now since we are being tested (assuming this to be true), it could be that various different races of aliens descended down upon us when human civilization was far less evolved. They helped us in several ways, maybe at key junctures of time to maintain our survival or influence the course of our future. Something like the building of the pyramids, Machu Pichu and several other ancient sites, which seem quite impossible for man to make at that age, might just have been those superior beings helping us humans for reasons best known to them. The parallels of such structures or stories are aplenty, and these beings, influencing us simple humans, with all their power, might and wisdom, would for sure seem like gods to us at that time, or even now, though now we may only brand them as aliens or robots/humanoids, since our Gods are already defined. No new God can come into existence (proof – the very fact we don’t even think of something like this).

Thus, if this all were to be true, then there would be no heaven or hell, no life after death (probably), and no one to judge us at the end of our lives. We are just a specie being allowed to live our lives in our own way without being affected much from the outside world (the aliens) so as to let us live and evolve over the course of years, as we could be a matter of great interest to them, and also a means for those aliens to maybe understand their own origins better. If you think such an idea seems to far fetched, then please look up the Jarawa tribe of the Andamans in India. We as humans actually do this, so why cannot some other far advanced species? Maybe we interact once in a while with the Jarawas to help them not get extinct, via medical help or resolving some war issues at their level etc. just like the aliens may have done for us in ancient times, and may need to again sometime far in the future.
Who knows.. there are so many questions with so many different ideas. Wonder if we will ever know the answers in our lifetime, or even us humans as a specie, in our quest for knowledge. 

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