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Saturday, 30 April 2016


To have that energy and enthusiasm (or zing) is extremely important in one's life. It results inadvertently in livening up your mood, along with the others', makes you have a brighter approach towards things and the 'can do' attitude. So many benefits of just one!

So I'm writing this post so as to not to tell you how to better things for yourself, but more for the other people around you. I read a post recently on Facebook telling about how people settle for things, why it is okay but why one should look for more as well! Now I'm sure there must be many people you yourselves know, or are yourself, who maybe settling for something or the other in their lives, as achieving or accomplishing everything at the same time is also not possible. I get it, we all do it, accept it, settle for it. But something I try to do, and if you don't already then you should try as well, is to add that zing in other people's lives. Add that spark, that excitement and fun, whenever you meet them or talk to them. Bring a smile to someone else's face. You never know how much it may mean to them.

Had recently read a news article, mentioning a young a girl who committed suicide, even after clearing the entrance test for IIT. Any suicide news is just sad, and makes me wonder, that what if that person had someone around them to cheer them up? What if they had even a little bit of joy, to which they could hold on to during their trying times? Each of us can suffer from extreme pressure due to various reasons. Expectations, money, career, studies, deadlines, family, relatives, lovers, the rash driver on the road! Any and more, all of these can very easily add to our stress, make a day going bad go even worse. Why to worsen it, or rather, settle for it? If you see a person not so happy, or the fake happy, try to cheer them up! Become so awesome that they want to meet you, spend time with you, have a friend circle around you. Add that friendly zing in their lives in whichever way you can. You never know, you may be gently helping a potentially troubled soul who may not turn out so just thanks to you, without the either of you maybe even realizing it. Don't do it for the thanks, do it for the goodness of it. Be selfless, be awesome, be the one to bring the zing! ;)

So the last post of the month long challenge is done! Hope you all enjoyed reading my write ups. Things got really busy for me towards the end, and ended up missing 2-3 days in between. Happy to have survived after plunging into this world straight away with such a steep challenge! Thank you for all your support and encouraging words.
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  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  2. Hi, Robin visiting from A to Z. Looks like I was almost late to the party. Congratulations on persevering and making it through the whole month. Yes, we need to have zing. Positive attitudes help generate positive people, even the most negative of them. Complementing a stranger on her shoes, a bit smile and thank you to the guy who holds a door open and waits for you to walk into the bank. So many opportunities to lift spirits. Wonderful post and nice to meet you.

  3. Very true!! there is an old saying - attitude is contagious, make yours worth catching...
    brilliant write ups!